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Sunny times for our guests

Cafe In 1999 the outdated low-pressure steam heating from the year 1905 was replaced by a central gas heating system. In addition, a solar-power system using vacuum tube collectors on the roof provides a highly efficient and ecologically sound supply of hot water as well as supporting the heating system.
During the summer months the entire hot water is generated by the sun; during spring and autumn the heating utilises any surplus solar energy.
Funding from the EU, the Federal Government and the Berlin Senate subsidised this very cost-intensive renovation.

The benefits are considerable reductions in energy costs and CO2 emissions.

The environmental effects:

  • Approx. 48% reduction of CO2 emissions p.a.
  • 130 000 kWh primary energy savings p.a.
  • 100% solar power coverage for hot water generation during summer
  • 60% solar power coverage for hot water generation all year round
  • 10% solar power coverage for the heating p.a.

System specifications:
  • 27 square metres of vacuum tube collectors
  • 120 kW capacity gas-burner u
  • 800 litres ready storage
  • 3x750 litres buffer storage

During 1998/99 our house participated in the model project "Development of energy savings measures in Berlin Hotels". For our customers we lead an energy-conscious house and we pay special attention to the sensible use of resources.




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Die Fabrik
Schlesische Straße 18
10997 Berlin

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E-Mail: info@diefabrik.com

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